Easter Island Documentary

Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island
A History of Rapa Nui

There’s a storm coming: it’s not Climate Change. It’s resource based. Currently most of the rare earth materials that we use are nearing their expiration point. Governments are hoping that substitutes will be found. Soil and forest degradation is also leading to concerns over food supplies across the world. Easter Island is a warning from history.


Easter Island is a good example of what is called ‘Spaceship Earth’.  A Spaceship cannot rely on outside help. There’s no where to flee. You either live within your means or you suffer the consequences. Easter Island provided us with the ultimate example of spaceship earth.


The film is as the title suggests a history documentary. However, Valery Danko tells the story via filming some of the main sites, drone footage courtesy of the awesome drone pilot Johnny Wanda, graphics, pictures from the periods concerned and reconstructions of the words of Admiral Roggeveen and Captain James Cook by the outstanding voice artist J P Wright. 


The music is original and written specifically for this film by the ultra-talented Elena Pehle, a composer from Belarus, who lives in the Federal Republic of Germany. Elena is an award winning composer.

The track on the TRAILER is just one of 8 pieces that Elena Pehle has composed for this film. I consider it one of her best works so far, though all of her work is excellent.


Valery Danko is an professional presenter, actress, CEO of Pigeon Tours Ltd of London and of course is the Managing Director of Perimetr Films. Valery was born in Kiev and has a Masters degree in journalism.

Read more about Valery Danko www.valerydanko.com


The director of the film is John Clarkson, who alongside Valery Danko wrote the script. He was heavily involved in the editing process. John is also the CEO and Executive Producer of Perimetr Films. 


Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island
The death of a civilisation
James Grant-Peterkin
Valery Danko and James Grant Peterkin

James is the expert we consulted with and interviewed about the history of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). We also interviewed Ludovic Burns Tuki, but he is not included in this film as that was for another documentary which will be made later about plastic pollution.

We also spoke to James about the energy systems on Easter Island and that footage is for our film called: Valery Danko Discovers Energy from Space. That film is on hold right now due to COVID-19 lockdown of the United States of America in terms of travel. We hope to resume soon.

James’ is one of the leading experts on the history of Rapa Nui. He is also the honorary British consul.


Monica Lombardi is a highly experienced DoP who works for organisations such as the Discovery Channel. With her professional work we have produced a beautifully crafted film. 

Easter Island unfortunately wasn’t so accommodating, as the wind levels were particularly bad.  The weather wasn’t great on every day, but Monica did a super job of obtaining some of the most fascinating shots of the Moai ever captured.


Director of Photography
Monica Lombardi, Director of Photography

Getting around the island is no mean feat. Luckily we had two of the best people to help us. The first is Leo Stakhovsky, who volunteered to help us film. 

Secondly, we had the help of Gabriela Hucke Rafter from the Communications Department for the Ma´u Henua Indigenous Community. Gabriela helped Valery pronounced the names of places and people correctly.



The film starts with Valery on the island explaining her reasons for being there. From this introduction Valery visits key places on the Island as well as doing interviews with James Grant Peterkin, who helps to explain the history of the island and the various theories and mysteries that surround it. 

Unlike the History Channel and it’s ancient aliens, we focus on the established facts, not fantasy dreamt up by charlatans. We use narrate as much up-to-date evidence as possible to make this an experience to remember when combined with beautiful footage of Easter Island, the remotest location on Earth.

Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island Poster

Special thanks to Tatjana Anders who kindly made these posters for our film. She is a talented actress, film maker, writer, artist, photoshop graphic artist, teacher, fashion expert and runs her own company: TeaPro  https://teapro.co.uk/