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Valery Danko, Managing Director
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“We help companies accelerate lead to customer conversions by creating bespoke videos. Our services are in high demand, as many advertising agencies wish to use our services.”

John Clarkson BA(Hons) MSc, CEO & Executive Producer

Valery Danko, MD
Valery Danko, Managing Director of Perimetr Films
We provide you with the knowledge of how to use our videos effectively. 
We follow a procedure that is tried and tested in the film industry and apply it to your industry, be it an accountant, solicitor, administrators or visitor attraction.
We provide a 6 month programme that will take your business to new heights in the business of marketing. We tailor that business so that you learn how to get stronger each day.



Understanding that there are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unkowns. 

Once you realise what these are you can begin the process of changing  your marketing strategy


The key to any success is to have a procedure. If you have a procedure you a have a means to measure your success. With measurement comes the ability to refine your methods.


We can win battles but often wars are lost due to a lack of strategy. In business we need a marketing strategy that is not short term, but long-term and has a powerful resonance so that leads get turned into customers.