We are interested in Space Industry Sponsorship

Imagine you started to attract investors that you wouldn’t usually have access to? How good would that be?  We’re making a film about Space Based Solar Power and asteroid mining. We have discovered that the space industry is not too good at self-promotion. Several people we interviewed made this comment. We are looking to produce a TV series about space technology. This would focus on its ability to solve climate change and resource problems. We want to focus on the British space companies involved in ground breaking work. Research has shown us there is a huge public demand for this knowledge. Whilst most media focuses on Elon Musk, we want British Space industry leaders to be highlighted.  All your friends are finally going to want to hang with you because of your new TV stardom!  The paybacks in attracting investors could be enormous. The bottom line is we need some sponsorship. Are you interested?
Valery Danko
Valery Danko, Managing Director
Welcome to the world of films. Perimetrfilms provides a range of services from feature and short films, to documentary films on a range of subject. Our latest film is a documentary drama currently in its final editing stage. 


Currently in Post-Production
The World Stripped Bare Poster feature film Valery Danko

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Filmmaker on your Vacation in London

Book your own holiday film crew in London
Filming on London Bridge
Filmmaker on Vacation offer. Partnering with Pigeon Tours Ltd we offer a film crew to record your holiday in the historic capital of the UK.  This is for luxury level families who want to record their events in London as they enjoy a guided tour by the top rated tour guide in London. This is for exclusive people only, so you need to book early. Contact johnclarkson@perimetrfilms.com or phone me 07949032177 to enjoy a discount price of 10%. 

Costs: £2200 per day
Discount: 10%

Total Cost: £2000 per day
We take your idea and turn it into a professional script. We also build you a professional advertising deck so you can sell your script to the big producers



We deal with all aspects of filming your advert, short or feature film, including: scriptwriting, casting, pre-production, locations, insurance, release forms, post production (including editing and colourisation, sound and uploading)
We can edit any kind of film from a home-made to a professional big budget feature film. We use specialist software and a team of editors from UK and USA