We started as the filming and co-production division of the Future of Energy College, one of our Two parent companies, which includes Perimetr Business Services, founded by John Clarkson BA(Hons) MSc. 

John is the Executive Producer of the award winning film: "Your Reality" by Tatjana Anders.

Our films are designed to entertain and challenge you to see the world in new and exciting light.

We are now making bespoke films for visitor attractions in co-operation with Pigeon Tours Ltd, as well providing videos and advertising marketing.


These are the team that will produce our latest film series. As we tend to hire different Directors, we have not included them here.

Presenter, actress, writer and co-producer

Official Translator for subtitles & translator of many languages

Highly experience voice actor who specialises in accents.

Monica is an AP, producer with 6 years experience. She has worked for many top channels, including the Discovery Channel.

Ben Trubachev

Cameraman and journalist with experience of war zones and documentaries

Elena Pehle
Music Composer

Highly experienced music composer who has worked on TV documentaries and won awards