John Clarkson, Executive Producer and CEO
John is a film maker who worked for 20th century Fox in Borehamwood and Hollywood. He switched careers upon returning home for personal issues. He decided to enter the renewable energy sector, and worked in it for 21 years. He still runs the online: ‘Future of Energy College’ to educate people about sustainable development, particularly related to ground-based and now space based renewable energy. He has a wide knowledge of many subjects because of his unusual background in history, science and film making. John also has financial interests in Perimetr Data. John also writes on the Living Universe Foundation blog on futurism. In film making John has done virtually every job from scriptwriting to storyboard artist, locations manager to Executive Producer. He is also the Executive Producer of ‘Your Reality’ by Tatjana Anders.
Valery Danko, Managing Director and Script Editor
Valery Danko
Valery Danko is our Managing Director since the beginning of our company. She also works as an actress. She helped to write, organise and present our documentary film: ‘Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island’. She’s also part of our other 3 documentaries in progress: 2 from the Valery Danko Discovers series: ‘Energy from Space’ and ‘Japan’. Meanwhile as those films were delayed by COVID we filmed the eye opening part dramatised documentary: ‘The World Stripped Bare’. Valery has also been in the film: ’97 Minutes’ directed by Timo Vuorensola and starring Jonathan Rees-Meyers and Alec Baldwin.

Valery brings to our company a good head for business, because she is also the CEO of Pigeon Tours Ltd, as well as performing as a dancer, model, and TV presenter.

She is considered an expert on Freddie Mercury and has featured in a documentary about his life made by a French film producer.

You can find out more about Valery Danko here at http://www.valerydanko.com