The company was founded by John Clarkson originally to make videos for training companies. However, as its success grew, it has branched out into bespoke videos for legal and accountancy firms based mostly in London. The company uses a procedure and a process to help your business use our services effectively:
1. We interview you to find out exactly what you require. We make sure that we can deliver what you want and help you understand how to use video advertising effectively.
2. We then create a number of ideas, on storyboards or written, which are used as a basis of a script. You can be involved as much or as little as you like in this process.
3. The script is then written, checked and approved. We use scriptwriters with Hollywood experience to write and as script editors.
4. We then organise the hiring of actors and actresses as required. These are cast by experience casting directors.
5. Locations are then decided upon. This might be your office or another location depending on the nature of the script.
6. Our directors, and directors of photography, many of whom are BAFTA award winners, then get involved to shoot the film
7. Our production team deal with all location permission forms and Release forms that allows you to use the footage legally. They also make sure that the film crew etc are fully insured at the location.



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John Clarkson BA(Hons) MSc

John is a film maker who worked for 20th century Fox in Borehamwood and Hollywood. He switched careers upon returning home for personal issues. He decided to enter the renewable energy sector, and worked in it for 21 years. He still runs the online: ‘Future of Energy College’ to educate people about sustainable development, particularly related to ground-based and now space based renewable energy. He has a wide knowledge of many subjects because of his unusual background in history, science and film making. John also has financial interests in Perimetr Data, which has a number of sensitive government contracts. John also writes on the Living Universe Foundation blog on futurism. In film making John has done virtually every job from scriptwriting to storyboard artist, locations manager to Executive Producer. He is also the Executive Producer of ‘Your Reality’ by Tatjana Anders