Business Policy Update 30 February 2022

Affecting all employment including part time and acting work, contracts to do work or any associations 


Perimetr Films UK and USA have the right to terminate any employee, part-time, or full-time, and any association, partnership, or business relationship where a person is identified as a previous or current supporter of the following  or has connections to members of the Putin’s Russia, whilst not discriminating against them on the ground of race, nationality or religion (as per the Equalities Act in the UK). This will also include people who associate with such people. The need to disassociate oneself from people involved or having been involved in helping Putin’s regime is important to Perimetr Films. We hold extremely high ethical standards.

Supporters or associates of supporters of the following will be affected:-

  1. Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic
  2. Russian F S
  3. Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR or DPRK etc)
  4. Luhansk People’s Republic
  5. Annexed Crimea by Russian F S
  6. Any captured territory by Russian F S

1.2 Associations, connections to members of these regimes, evidence of supporting them at any time in your past, and associations with people who have supported them or are connected with them now or in the past will mean termination of contract. This includes personal or private relationship that we deem may mean you may be under the influence of a potential enemy of the state of Ukraine, UK or USA.

1.3 The Equalities Act is no defence as it concerns nationality not association with criminal regimes. Criminal regime includes those under current sanctions by the UK.

1.4  Any contract that has already been signed will be considered valid, but also affected by these new employment and contractual company regulations.

We have decided to pursue this matter in light of the illegal continued invasion of Ukraine, the genocide, the Russian destruction of Ukraine, and the belief that Ukraine does not exist. In light of these matters we hold the right to employ, associate and do business based on these rules.

Signed by

Company Legal Team
S Basset-Stokes

30 Feb 2022