The World Stripped Bare Documentary

The World Stripped Bare

An exposé of a planet killing Empire

“The World Stripped Bare” is a film about how a secret British based global financial empire that started in the 1960s is destroying our world.

The World Stripped Bare is not a conspiracy film. It is based on hard facts established by leading scholars. However, we do tell the story in an unusual way, using short sketches.

These sketches include mime, burlesque, acted scenes, pole dancing, music and footage. Each scene takes you into a world that seems almost dream-like if it was not for the serious nature of the subject. 

We made this film covid-19 proof by minimising the use of actors. Valery Danko will take most of the various roles:-

The delectable Dreamer (herself)
The beguiling boring banker
The seductive stockbroker
Candy Chocolate (the Stockbroker in the role of the Pole Dancer)
The oversexed Oil Worker
The mouth watering milk maid
The captivating caged girl
The fabulous foxy melodramatic model
The naughty nurse left bare to face the pandemic
The puppet politician
The drug addict prostitute
The Medieval Lady
The Soldiers
The soldiers widow
The Angel of Death
Doctor Spanks
Professor von Strippemoff (climate change historian)
The tarty Teacher
Miss Cook – the vegan cook
Lucy Lustful the Sex Therapist

David Keogh takes the part of Jacob, the London banker.

Chris Sheen takes the part of the Medieval Knight.

Leo Stakhovsky takes the part of the Medieval Lady’s paramour.

How we make this film

Instead of simply recounting each part we’ve decided to tell the story via a series of short sketches, which involve art, dance and re-enactments as part of a dream like sequence. 

Filmed during COVID-19 we decided to minimise the our crew and use as few actors and actresses as possible. The subject if told by dry maths and accountancy, would be a very poor subject for a film. Instead we decided to spice it up and add to it what most documentaries don’t have: learning through comedy with a little sauciness.

Why did we make this film?

The film came about because Valery and I decided to reconsider how documentary films could be made more entertaining. People love to be stimulated, and they learn best when they are entertained. Telling a story about how British financial markets rose to dominate the world and do so secretly and in such a powerful way would be in itself the dullest subject on Earth. Therefore the only choice possible was to show their birth, impact and how we can fight back.

When will it be released?

The film is currently in the process of filming. We cannot give you an exact timescale, but within the next year or so.

We will keep fans posted here…

What will I learn from this film?

By watching this film you will learn to take responsibility for your own contribution to the world not just as a user of energy, or someone who recycles or as a consumer, but instead on a deep financial level. You will learn the power of your money in the whole sorry story of how a non-governmental power is ruling your life. 

The Cast & Crew

Valery Danko
David Keogh
Chris Sheen
Leo Stakhovsky
Vlad Syrnyk

The Director

Jude Allen

DoP (Ukraine)
Arsenii Naidonov

Executive Producer

John Clarkson

Written by Jacqui Edwards
with scenes by Emma Jones & Claire Smith