The World Stripped Bare Documentary

The World Stripped Bare is a documentary film about the planet killing empire based in the secrecy jurisdiction of the City of London…

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Why did we make this film?

The film came about because Valery and I decided to reconsider how documentary films could be made more entertaining. People love to be stimulated, and they learn best when they are entertained. Telling a story about how British financial markets rose to dominate the world and do so secretly and in such a powerful way would be in itself the dullest subject on Earth. Therefore the only choice possible was to show their birth, impact and how we can fight back.

Twice we approached BFI for funding, and twice they rejected us. We’ve been everywhere to get funding, and no-one will help me fund this film.  I decided therefore to fund it totally myself. The establishment will never help ‘truth’. What they want to pursue is fiction, disguise, wokeism, and token BLM, whereas we’re exposing the reality of continued slave labour in Africa to make huge profits.


Jacob the banker
What will you learn from this film?

We are not to blame for Climate Change, but the same cannot be said for banking, accounting and legal corporations based in London. Yet there is something you can do! By watching this film you will learn to take responsibility for your own contribution to the world not just as a user of energy, or someone who recycles or as a consumer,  but what you eat and who you bank with in future. You will learn the power of your money in the whole sorry story of how a non-governmental power is ruling your life, and hopefully will do something positive about it. This film is an expose of a financial empire that dominates the world in a secret and unseen way. 


You will also learn about banking corruption and how never to trust verbal or written documents banks provide you with. This is a most important lesson to learn. The question to ask yourself is why wouldn’t you want to watch this tantalising, tempting documentary film that will hopefully become a cult in the near future?

The Plan to make a series

Our plan is to make this into a TV series which will look at a number of stories so hot that we doubt if any television channel will have the courage to broadcast them. This is because the media are largely controlled by the bankers whom they owe. Their bosses are led by them because their money is often offshore. The establishment will do anything to stop us from telling you these stories. That’s why the ‘World Stripped Bare’ is the most important film you will ever watch. 

The pilot film is called: 

The World Stripped Bare – The Planet Killing Empire

My list of future episodes for TV include:- 

Beef & Brothels
– the story of how British entreprenneurs in the 1930s survived tax scandals whilst US mafia were gaoled.
Drugs, Mafia,  Racism & Rolls – the story of post-war Caribbean Tax havens 
Yachts, Jets & Sex – How British Conservative Party helped Vladmir Putin wreck the EU and attack Ukraine. 
The Dark Lord of Finance – the story of how the City was built upon the ideas of its most infamous banker

Crash! Bang! Wallop! – How every global financial crash starts in London
Vice & Villainy – the story of how the HMRC persecute sex workers, whilst allowing Organised crime to prosper

The Monopoly Game – how monopolies have come to dominate the world
The Death of JFK – The City of London Connection
and we have lots more…



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The Cast & Crew

Valery Danko (Multiple Roles)
David Keogh (The Banker Jacob)
Leo Stakhovsky (The Medieval Lover)
Ken Smart (The Dictators son)

Jamie Chambers (Commodity Trader)
Anthony Trott (Legal Expert)
Ekaterina Kyrychok (Vegan Jogger)
Chris Sheen (Medieval Knight)
Mladen Petrov as Oleg (the oligarch)
Antonio Magides as Yevgeny (the oligarch)
Rhodri Jones as Igor (the oligarch)
Vlad Syrnyk (Prostitutes punter)
Zhen Li (Meat eating jogger)
Sophia Jessica Rose (Girl at the bar)
Crispin Holland (Financial Advisor)
Ella Starbuck (Barmaid)

Interviews with:-
Joseph Sciberras Margrie
Sam Calvert
Andy Keats

Jude Allen (Director)

J Allen (Music Editor)

Music by

Elena Pehle
Scott Joplin
Allen & Randy Lynch
Melanie Rutherford

Scott Joplin’s ‘The Entertainer’ arranged by Jason Anick & Matt DeChamplain  played by the Rhythm Future Quartet (Boston, USA)

Arsenii Naidonov DoP (Ukraine)

Poline Danchenko (Subtitle Translator)

Ksenia Salakova (Locations Assistant Ukraine)

Diana Tishchenko (Photography)

Irina Pavlenko (Make Up & Hair for Miss Valery Danko)

Sean O’Neil (Sound Recordist London)
Elena Russu (Artwork)

Executive Producer

John Clarkson

Written by Jacqui Edwards
with scenes by Emma Jones & Claire Smith

Edited by
Frog Films TV

Produced by
Perimetr Films


The World Stripped Bare Poster feature film Valery Danko