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Drones for Resorts

Advertise your Hotel, Resort Golf Course by building video assets - assets you can use again and again! https://perimetrfilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/aerial-view-of-burj-al-arab-luxury-hotel-building-along-the-beach-in-dubai-marina-f-SBV-346463475-HD.mp4 There are currently (as of 2021) approximately 1 billion users of

Future Projects

We have three films we were making: Energy from Space - a documentary film about Space Solar PowerValery Danko Discovers Japan - a film about the history of Japanese Samurai focusing

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Sex in film making

Sex in film making is a hotly debateable subject. Here we discuss what’s porn and what’s not, the views of libertines and those that support censorship, the Japanese solution, and why you should always read the contract and be very aware of being forced to do something on set you don’t want to do.