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Part 2 – Racing Towards the Cliff Edge

In my previous blog I outlined that the world is racing towards the loss of civilization, not through Climate Change (though that is a factor) but due to 2 other factors. Now I’m going to reveal what is going to cause the decay of civilization. I’m going to tell you a secret that the world doesn’t want to share with you. It’s such a secret that only handful of Sustainable Development scientists, like myself, ever have sleepless nights over.

The secret is actually well-known but poorly explained. This is why I’ve decided to do an entire course on both the ‘secret’ and the solution. I call this course: The Bigger Picture: A Glimpse into the Probable Future of Energy. You can pre-register for this today, right now, HERE.

Now I’m going to reveal a few parts of the course to whet your appetite. This is EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL. I’ve decided to include it on a video for you.

This course is going to be available in a short while, so please keep a look for it.



Saving Energy by Investing

There is a theory that says if we all switch off our sockets when not in use we will conserve energy and have a large impact on CO2 emissions. This depends on everyone doing this. What actually happens is that saving energy by doing that saves very little. What we need is to make big savings.

The biggest saving is not to drive your car. That saves a lot of energy. It also keeps you fit.

Then there is an even better option. Utilise the renewable energy around you. If you want to learn about how to do that and how the various technologies work visit http://www.perimetrfilms.com