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Why as a Business Owner or Householder you need to invest more wisely



Many businesses across the USA and Europe are missing out on huge opportunities to reduce their overheads and gain solid environmental credentials by failing to use some of their profits to invest in money making projects and technologies, or changing their waste management methods. The fact is small changes to the way they do their businesses could help to reduce unnecessary overheads.



It’s an odd thing that many business advisors will teach you three things: to make money you need a good business idea; then you need to start making money. If you start making good amounts of money you need to reinvest in it more marketing (mostly) but you also need to consider investing in other things. Many business owners just want to spend their profits by getting into more debt. They often make it big then invest in a mortgage on a property that they live in. Some invest in properties they rent. However, if you cannot get someone to rent you have a problem! Properties therefore are only a partially safe form of investment whilst low interest rates are available and you are in an area where people are prepared to help you pay for your mortgage via paying rent. If they are not, you are in big trouble!


There’s another way you could invest some of your profits: you could put it into something that is even safer than a stock market investment. What is that you wonder? Well if you’re here you probably know what I’m going to say: renewable energy. You could invest in large scale and hope to get a 15% return per year if you fully trust the company you are investing in. This type of return is not uncommon with geo-thermal plants. However, nothing is guaranteed, and you don’t control your money or how the operation is running! Instead you just hope its a safe bet given what they’ve told you. It probably is, but then again, there’s doubt. However, there’s another form of renewable energy that is much better than something you don’t control: your own micro-renewable energy system.

Micro-renewable energy is a guaranteed way to save energy as mostly energy prices are rising. Thus even if you don’t get paid an income (like a feed in tariff or via a Net Metering system as in Europe or the USA) you keep saving money that otherwise you’d waste. Often in the USA there are plenty of opportunities to sell your energy to the grid. There are also opportunities to link up to SMART mini-grids and share your energy locally and get paid for it. As time goes on these systems will become more important, but that’s some way off right now.


How do you know what type of micro-renewable energy to buy? Well you’ve got two choices. You can contact me and I can review your situation for $250 flat fee for a few days work once you’ve provided me all the data I require, or you can learn it via my two courses on Micro-renewable energy and Finance available now from the Future of Energy College CLICK HERE for details.


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