Bespoke dedicated
videos providing stories for
your customers

Rather than using your website as a means to sell, use it to sell video stories about your attractions.

These stories can fire the imagination to encourage people to visit you in years to come.

A website with 10 million customers might generate £2 million in sales! That's where Perimetr Films and Pigeon Tours can help.

No other company has partnered with a professional company in the Tour guide business to make story based films for visitor attractions.


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Perimetrfilms is trying to get into the business of dealing with museums and other attractions

The World Stripped Bare

A look forward Due to COVID-19 the production of our other films are on hold.

Why make this film?

by Lucy Armstrong People wonder why embark on such a project as this? Here is

Filming on Easter Island

Valery Danko Discovers Energy from Space Over the last few days if you've been following

Filming in Japan

Valery Danko & Ben Trubachev are flying to Japan 28 May 2019 Today Valery and

Always seek Permission

When filming it is very important to obtain both a location release form and a