Do you own a hotel, inn, bar, pub or restaurant in London?

Why videos are the key to your future success

Your business will probably need to regain the trust of its customers. Let’s face it, any business that serves food, either indoors or is acting as a take-away, during lockdown, has to prove it’s clean, safe and still the place to be.

Your business deserves a make-over. If you’ve got a website that only provides information about your food, and not your people, you are missing out on a huge market.  Videos are often now the key to success in many businesses because they add faces to places.

High quality videos are designed for high-end hospitality getting back on its feet during and after covid. Click play on our example videos here.

Obtain an unfair advantage over your competition by investing in video marketing. It’s going to be tough enough from now for any hospitality industry, so make the customer feel happy long before they arrive.

Want to gain an unfair advantage over competitors?
Add faces to places to show you have the highest hygiene standards!
Want to invest in a social media video campaign that brings real results?
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We provide many different kinds of videos for restaurants, inns and hotels including:-


  • Show and tell – to help sell a product
  • Information guides
  • Story based videos
  • Tour of the establishment
  • Your vision for the future (this might be for investors)
  • Health & Safety (including covid-19 precautions)
  • Recruitment videos – why work at your establishment?
Valery Danko Managing Director


No marketing campaign can succeed if it is not constantly changing. That’s why we want to work with our clients over a long-term. 

We can provide advice on how to convert enquiries into customers, using techniques developed in a diverse number of customer service industries.

Valery Danko our Managing Director will follow up our initial assessment with a personal visit to your establishment. 

We have limited places for all of our customers, so use our new booking feature or just phone John Clarkson on 07949032177 to book a time to do the pre-assessment. Thank you.