Our customers are people that want to learn about how we power the world we live in, how they can obtain FREE energy and how this affects what we do now and in the future. It’s not just a matter of knowledge.

Individuals or families wanting to invest in micro-renewable energy will learn everything they need to know to make the right choice of technology and be CERTAIN that it will be a wise investment.

Companies who SELL this technology will be better able to explain how they work, and why they are a great investment using methods that make it simple for the customer, as well as providing them with financial forecasts that go beyond the stupid simplicity of payback times:-

  1. A knowledge of how different kinds of micro-renewable energy works in terms of its outputs! After all that’s all that matters. Take Solar PV. No-one cares about how photons transfer energy to separate them from their atoms! Instead they just want to know HOW MUCH ENERGY WILL IT GENERATE AND WHEN.
  2. A better understanding of how micro-renewable energy MAKES AND/OR SAVES MONEY. Actually our course is unique in terms of its new approach. It is often an entrenched belief in the industry that people want to have INSTANT GRATIFICATION! Actually, when someone buys a relatively HIGH TICKET ITEM like a Solar PV system or a micro-Hydro turbine THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO KNOW THE LONG-TERM GAIN. This is NOT EXPRESSED WELL BY PAY-BACK TIME. Instead we approach it by looking at the way the financial markets assess investments, and THE METHOD YOUR ACCOUNTANT WOULD USE!
  3. The BIGGER PICTURE is WHAT PROBABLY ULTIMATELY SELLS THE PRODUCT. Think about it. If I try to sell you something that is energy related WHY DO YOU WANT IT, and WHY DO YOU WANT IT TO BE CLEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY? The answer to that is held in what I call the ‘Bigger Picture’. The bigger picture is what is happening around us. It’s NOT JUST CLIMATE CHANGE. It’s EVEN BIGGER THAN THAT! That’s what our third course will teach you, and even a few generations after you are long returned to atoms.

We are committed to excellent customer service. The courses we provide are hosted mostly on UDEMY (though you can find a version of Micro-Renewable Energy on Thinkific if you like their platform instead). You just need to sign up to them to access a host of courses.


Businesses are actually failing to utilise new technology to save themselves vast amounts of energy. The problem is they see lots of renewable energy and battery storage companies as technical people or salesmen who talk a different language to them. The thing is, if you want to cut your overheads, particularly your electricity bill, then guess what, it’s time you learned a little about the products they are going to sell you. On top of that you need the means to be able to quickly analyse if the offer is any good, because regulations, or poor marketing, or false marketing (in a few cases) could easily lead you astray. That’s when our second course on the financial gains really helps.


Let’s face it. We’ve probably always thought when we looked at our electricity bill: why is this so much? What can I do to lower it? The answer by many governments where such systems exist is: SWITCH SUPPLIER. However, that doesn’t always work. The offers don’t last. The price keeps going up? Why? Only a few so called ‘experts’ seem to know. They say its all to do with demand and supply. We say it’s due to something far worse! That’s the piece of critical information you are losing out on. FAKE news is not just political: it’s economic as well. Its the myth that runs our civilization. If you don’t know about this then our third course will be great for you, because ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE you’ll know exactly what you need to invest in to survive the future financially.

YOU MATTER because the FUTURE MATTERS. We hope you are the FUTURE.






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