Discover our course on Micro-Renewable Energy for Beginners

Imagine making money for free, whilst at work or while you sleep. Sounds a great idea. That’s because it is. Learn about micro-renewable energy, how it works, where to deploy it, how much energy it produces and you are on your way to making a fortune, either by buying it as an asset (something that makes you money) or by learning how to sell these products in a new exciting career, which our course is going to help you obtain!

Why listen to us?

For 18 years John Clarkson has worked in the Micro-Renewable Energy industry. He has a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Development & Climate Change. After working all those years sharing his knowledge with a hundred students, he decided it was time to share it with everyone. That’s where he got the idea of using the internet, and turning his highly praised courses on Micro-Renewable Energy into something that anyone, anywhere could learn.

Why do this course?

  • Join a booming industry and one that has huge growth prospects

  • Become the best sales person for this kind of technology

  • Be a street-wise customer if you are thinking of investing in technology like solar panels for your home

  • Make money & save money over a long-period that could double your savings every 10 years!

What you get when you purchase today

  1. Access to a course that will be forever online for you to use
  2. You will save time because this course covers all the major clean technologies
  3. Learn the basic maths that allows you to calculate outputs easily – a 10 year old could learn these skills
  4. Flexible learning – you can learn this at home, at work, on a flight, or in a train. All you’ll need is an internet/Wi-Fi connection that is fast enough to stream video
  5. John Clarkson as a resource available every day to help you if you should have any questions!
  6. Access to our Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy Professionals/Customers


Customers are never wrong, so here is a great selection of their views on both of our courses:-


Akshay G Magaji, one of our best students states about our Micro-Renewable Energy Course for Beginners:-


“The content of the course has provided how to calculate solar energy, and also clear understanding of all the factors which it is dependent on.”

Elizabeth Horder, a student of our Micro-Renewable Energy Course from Belgium says:-

“Quality great and I was able to learn a great deal from the course which is very nicely set out. I had one little difficulty right at the start – but I contacted John who responded very quickly and set me on the right track.”

Suni Thakur a student of our courses commented on our Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy for Professionals/Customers:-

“Fantastic course. I am a trader in the financial markets (stocks and currencies) so I strongly recommend this course for understanding about investing in micro-renewable energy.”

Embrace the Future

In the next 100 years we are going to enter a world where oil is no longer cheap and other fossil fuels are increasingly seen as polluting. The future is going to be SMART grids operated by smart people. Act today and open your mind to a whole new range of possibilities.


Micro-Renewable Energy Course

Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy

The Bigger Picture: The Probable Future of Energy

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