New Course: The Future of Energy

We are now working on a new course about the future of energy. This course is groundbreaking. I believe there is nothing like it anywhere in the world, including universities or colleges.

The course will focus on solutions the coming oil crisis. The coming oil crisis is going to happen because oil is a non-renewable resource. It has built our civilization, but once it becomes too expensive to extract and reaches an expiration point, civilization will need to seek new solutions.

From an Oil Economy we will need to transition to a Hydrogen, Renewable, Plutonium or Synthetic Fuel Economy. Essentially our course will show why this crisis is potentially worse than Climate Change. Lectures will include:-

  • Resource Expiration & the Exponential Problem
  • Why is Oil so important?
  • Potential Terrestrial Technical Solutions to the Coming Oil Crisis
  • The Implications of failing to find a Solution
  • Beyond Earth: can we build a solution in Outer Space?
  • and a few more…

By the end of this course you will be able to talk confidently about the future of energy, armed with facts gathered from many sources over a period of 12 years of diligent research. This course will allow you to see beyond the here and now making you an authority on energy research.

This course will be available later this year.

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